The Student Organized Voter Access Committee (SOVAC) is a non-partisan student organization which seeks to increase voter registration rates within the UCSD community, facilitate a positive discussion about voting, and encourage student voter turnout. SOVAC performs these services by being the primary representative for voter registration on the UCSD campus, holding informational workshops, executing a non-partisan advertising campaign, and collaboration with a wide variety of student groups.

How It All Started:

Through cooperation with student groups like the College Democrats, College Republicans, and the Student Sustainability Coalition, as well as the college councils on all 6 campus across UCSD, SOVAC has managed to carve out a niche for itself within the UCSD community and become the face of voter registration here on campus.

It would be difficult to understate the importance of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with Residential Life and the University Library. Through these signed agreements of good-faith between SOVAC and campus administration, SOVAC has gained exclusive incorporation into the move-in process during move-in weekend and access to tabling inside Geisel library.

The MOUs have granted us incorporation into several processes every student must complete and one-on-one contact with students, enabling us to register 1700 UCSD students in just two and a half months (with 1300 coming from move-in weekend alone). We are optimistic this number with continue to grow exponentially with each passing year.

SOVAC is confident that strong relationships between between voter registration groups and campus administration can occur on all college campuses. With the help of California Common Cause, we hope to spread our model of institutionalized voter registration all over California and ultimately across the country.

SOVAC - Student Organized Voter Access Committee