Voter FAQ

SOVAC UCSD — Frequently Asked Questions while Registering Voters

How can I quickly and easily register to vote for the upcoming election?

It’s easy. Use SOVAC’s new online registration tool! It’s quick and easy, and its all you need to do to be ready to vote in November.

1. Which address should I register at?
If you’re going to be on campus on June 5, the next upcoming primary election, we recommend you register with your on campus email so you can access the on campus polling sites. However, you can also register with your permanent address, and opt-in for a “mail-in ballot,” allowing you to vote as an absentee for your selected district.

2. I don’t know if I’m already registered. Can I re-register?
You can always send in another form to make sure you are registered at your current address.

3. What if I want to vote absentee?
Register your address as with the address of the region you want to vote absentee for in (items 1 through 6), and also enter your “mailing address,” which be different from the first address (items 7 through 8). Then, make sure to check the statement that says “send mail-in ballot.” You will receive a ballot in your mailing address, that you will send in for another district.

4. I’m not sure where I’ll be on June 5th. Where should I register to?
For now, fill in a registration form with your current address. Keep another one with you until you have a better idea of where your official address will be by June 5th. You can register up to two weeks before the election date.

5. Which election is this for?
The June 5th election is the California presidential primary. The next one will be the general election in November, which you will have to re-register for if you move from now until then.

6. Do I have to register with a party? What’s the difference of registering with a party or without?
You are not required to register with a political party. However, this year’s primary elections are closed, meaning that unless you are registered with a candidate’s party, you can’t vote for them in the primary elections. If you choose not to register with a party, don’t forget to check “no, I don’t want to register with a political party” on item 14 of the registration form.

7. What’s the campus address? La Jolla zipcode? Where do I put my mailbox number?
9450, Gilman Drive, 92092, La Jolla CA. Put your mailbox number where is say “at or unit #,” on line 4.

8. When is the last day to register?
You can register up to 15 days before the election.

9. Does registering to vote make me eligible for Jury Duty?

10. Where can I get more information on the candidates?

11. What do SOVAC members do with this registration form?
SOVAC members will keep a record of the form on-file with the Associated Students so that we can easily provide you with an opportunity to re-register before the next election comes around. We guarantee that your information will not be distributed or sold to anyone outside of the Associated Students. After our record-keeping is completed, we will mail your registration form to the San Diego Country Registrar’s Office, where it will be processed. You will receive a postcard from your county within six weeks.

12. Can I take the form with me? Where do I drop it off?


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